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Kwan Yin Chan Lin

No. 21 Lorong 25 Geylang Singapore 388299

About this place

Established in 1991 by Venerable Chi Boon, Kwan Yin Chan Lin Zen Centre (KYCL) is dedicated to disseminating the teachings of Buddha with the aim of realizing the true essence of ourselves and the ultimate substance of the universe. The overarching objective is to extend assistance to all sentient beings. Through the practice of Zen meditation, individuals can discover the correct path in life, understand their true nature, and navigate various situations with clarity and correctness. This, in turn, facilitates the cultivation of wisdom and compassion for the greater good—contributing to the peace and happiness of families, friends, the country, and the world.



  • Retreat, Chanting, Sutra Copying, Meditation session


  • Free TCM Service


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What is the significance of the temple's name "Kuan Yin Chan Lin"?

The name "Kwan Yin Chan Lin" holds profound significance. "Kwan" denotes perception, and "Yin" refers to the sound of the world. "Kwan Yin" signifies perceiving the sound within oneself to eliminate ignorance, attachments, and incorrect mindsets, and to tread the path of correct practice. It also emphasizes perceiving the sounds of all sentient beings, working towards ending their suffering and enabling true happiness. "Chan," the Chinese term for Zen, represents a life characterized by simplicity and purity. In the face of life's increasing complexity and resulting suffering, Zen practice helps individuals return to a state of simplicity, fostering peace, equanimity, purity, and liberation of the mind. "Lin," meaning many trees, symbolizes strength derived from the unity of many individuals practicing together. Like a forest that cannot be easily swayed by strong winds, "Chan Lin" represents a collective of people supporting and strengthening each other to fulfill the Four Great Vows.

How do I get involved with supporting Kuan Yin Chan Lin?

You can find more information about making a donation to the Centre here:

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No. 21 Lorong 25 Geylang Singapore 388299