Buddha Dhamma Mandala Society (BDMS)

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Buddha Dhamma Mandala Society (BDMS)

567A Balestier Road, Singapore 329884

About this place

The Buddha Dhamma Mandala Society (BDMS) is committed to sharing the Buddha's teachings with others. The Society does this by organising talks and courses, observing and performing Buddhist celebrations and publishing books to encourage the study and practice of Buddhism.

The resident monk, Bhante Dhammika (Shravasti Dhammika) had written over 25 books and numerous articles about Buddhism. One of the popular books he has written is Good question, good answer.

He gained recognition for his engaging public presentations and served as the representative of Theravada Buddhism at the European Buddhist Millennium Conference in Berlin in 2000.

Born in Australia in 1951 to a Christian family, he embraced Buddhism at 18. His spiritual journey led him to Thailand in 1973, aiming to become a monk. Subsequently, he traveled through Laos, Burma, and India, spending three years exploring yoga and meditation.

He received ordination under Venerable Matiwella Sangharatna, the final disciple of Anagarika Dharmapala.In 1976, he ventured to Sri Lanka, where he studied Pali at Sri Lanka Vidyalaya. He later co-founded the Nilambe Meditation Centre and became one of its instructors. Since then, he has primarily resided in Sri Lanka and Singapore, dedicating his time to spiritual pursuits.



  • Meditation (every Wednesday)
  • Sutta Sharing (Fridays)
  • Dhamma talks (Sundays)
  • Mindful Walks


  • Meditation Hall
  • Toilet


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567A Balestier Road, Singapore 329884