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“Worshipping the Buddhas and praising the Tathāgatas –– embarking on the Path to Enlightenment.” Dharma Talk by Venerable (Dr) Dhammajoti

20 July 2024, 07:30 PM - 20 July 2024, 09:00 PM

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“Worshipping the Buddhas” and “Praising the Tathāgatas” are the first two vows qua practice in the scheme of Bodhisattva Samantabhadra’s “ten vows for Good Practice”. This lecture expounds on the true significance of the practice of “śīla” as the necessary spiritual aspiration to progressively align with the holiness and perfection of a Buddha. This aspiration entails the inner human capacity of faith/conviction in and admiration for Perfect Enlightenment –– the sine qua non for spiritual progress. "

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Poh Ming Tse (PMT) Temple is a Buddhist temple located in the Bukit Timah district of Singapore. The Chinese name of 'Poh Ming Tse' (普明寺) means 'the temple of illumination', or 'the temple of abundant brightness'. As a modern temple dedicated to the needs of urban dwellers, PMT offers a peaceful and welcoming environment for all to learn and practise the teachings of the Buddha.
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