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Chenrezig Guided Meditation (Chinese)

23 July 2024, 08:00 PM - 27 August 2024, 09:15 PM

About this event

Chenrezig is another form of the famous Bodhisattva Kuan Yin.
He symbolise compassion and is popularly invoked by devotees to help them escape from sufferings.

Changchogs are rituals done for the benefits of a deceased.
It purifies the misdeeds of the deceased and liberates them to better existence.:

If one is able to perform the completed process of the changchog, from its preparation to the Actual ritual and its concluding attributes, without mistakes and unfabricated, according to the authentic tradition, it will be very beneficial for the deceased.

It can benefit the deceased even if he or she has already found rebirth in any of the six realms of existence.

It is said in the Tantras that if the deceased has already attained Enlightenment, it will enhance His or Her Enlightened activities and will benefit other sentient beings even though one thousand years may have elapsed since death.

During the Ritual, whatever meritorious deeds are dedicated to the dead, they will benefit his or her rebirth in any of the six realms and will increase his or her beneficial activities to other sentient beings if the deceased has  already attained Buddhahood.

Please visit this site for more info: Chenrezig Guided Meditation (Chinese) – The Singapore Buddha Sasana Society (


About the organiser

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The Singapore Buddha Sasana Society had its humble beginnings in the early 60’s in a classroom of the Maha Bodhi School. A few young people eager to know more about the Buddha’s teachings got together to form a Dharma study group.

Initially, the Society’s activities such as Dharma Talks and discussions were held in the homes of members.

Then in the late 70’s, His Holiness Sakya Trizin and Ven Tharig Tulku Rinpoche visited Singapore. Having received encouragement from these two great teachers, the members decided to operate the Society out of rented premises. We requested His Holiness Sakya Trizin to be our Spiritual Patron.
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6581 3902
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5, Pasir Ris Drive 4, Singapore 519455
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