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NUS Buddhist Society (NUSBS)

Age group: 19-25


Finding peace in modern campus life.
Life may not necessarily be easy, and things may not always go our way. At some point in time, we might be lonely and in NUS Buddhist Society, you will be able to find company. NUS Buddhist society’s spiritual advisors are: Bhante K. Rathanasara; Venerable Shi Chun Nian; Khen Rinpoche Geshe Thubten Chonyi


Weekly service is held at Science Block 16, Level 4, Room 37 (s16-04-37)

Note: Exact location may change. Subscribe to Telegram channel to stay updated: 


  • Dhamma talks every Wednesday 7.15 - 9pm
  • Meditation

Ad-hoc Activities

Ad-hoc Activities
Welcome tea in January every year to induct folks who are curious about the society Temple visits Volunteer activities


Socials and Contacts


31 Lower Kent Ridge Road, Singapore 119078, Singapore