Directory for Buddhist Communities & Events in Malaysia & Singapore

Trying to find Buddhist communities in Singapore and Malaysia? You’ve arrived at the right site, this directory is where you can find most & hopefully all Buddhist related events happening in Singapore and Malaysia. You can find events such as Buddhist volunteer opportunities, meditation retreats near you, Buddhist centers, Buddhist chanting/puja/prayer sessions, Dhamma talks, Buddhism courses, and other Buddhist activities near you.

Every year Handful of Leaves will create a vesak directory to help the public find vesak events to attend during vesak month. Now we have expanded our directory to feature Buddhist organizations and events in Singapore and Malaysia all year round. If you are part of a Buddhist organization and want to share your events with others, create an account & start listing your events on our platform for free! Don’t know how? Reach out to us at [email protected]

If you want to learn more about how to apply Buddhist wisdom for a happier life, discover stories and perspectives from other Buddhist practitioners at different stages, even beginners in Buddhism, on our blog page. We also feature the voices of people who are not Buddhist but appreciate & adopt Dhamma into their lives and way of living.